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About Us

We are here to educate our community about the digital revolution that is upon us. We offer a multitude of services.

Crypto Blockchain Plug is the preeminent bitcoin location in the area that hosts, countless classes, talks, events, and a trading floor for Crypto Virgins and Experienced Cryptopians alike. In Crypto they say: “Bitcoin to the Moon” and we are here to help the community ZIP UP their space suits.

Najah Roberts

(Founder and CEO)

Best Crypto Team


We are excited about the launch of our next course Crypto 101. Be sure to get on our list to be notified about registration opening.

Educational Classes

Offering classes about everything you need to learn about the evolution of money, crypto, blockchain, Entrepreneurship & more.

Buy & Sell Crypto

You can Buy or Sell hand selected Cryptocurrency from our Over the Counter Exchange. We partner with some of the best companies.

Crypto Co-Working

Crypto Blockchain Plug provides an inspired Co-working space with the essential aim of work-life balance. We have a modern designed work space available.

Venue Rental

Book our Venue for your Next event. Mixers, Networking Events, Baby Shower, Gender Reveal, Birthday, Couple Events, Bible Study, Seminar, Boot Camp, we have a space just for you.

Bitcoin Buys R Us

You can Buy/Sell or Earn hand selected cryptocurrency from our Over the Counter Exchange. We offer some of the best coins, tokens and rates in the industry.

Crypto Kids Camp

Blockchain, Evolution of Money , A.I., Security (Cyber), Technology, Mining/Machine Learning, Online Gaming, DApps, Engineering.

Crypto Coaching

Maybe you are new to Crypto or you know a lot but just want to take that next step and need someone by your side each step of the way.



Our Valued Partners

Our Family of Companies

Impacting lives daily through cryptocurrency education.


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