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At Crypto Blockchain Plug our team is your team. Meet the creative innovators.  In a constantly evolving industry, our knowledge and depth of experience is our greatest strength.

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Crypto Virgins
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CB Plug Administration

Najah Roberts

Chief Visionary Officer

Gina Marie

Chief Operational Officer

Varun Bajaj Esq.

Compliance Officer

Selina Beasley

OTC Clerk

Dimitra Roberts


Marketing / Social Media / Branding

Audrey Taylor

Taylor Made Branding

Tuzday Townsend

Social Media

Elijah Thomas

Social Media Engagement

Media & Production / Bitcoin Buys R Us

Lauren Mosley

Executive Producer & Editor

Crypto Kids Camp

Areahna O'Rea

Executive Director

Sarina Green

Administrative Assistant

Impacting lives daily through cryptocurrency education.

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  • Women, Wine & Crypto
  • The Basics of Crypto
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